Media Info

Frost Bank Center Media Inquiries

For all media inquiries relating to the Frost Bank Center concerts and special events please contact Max Brodsky.

This information is for Frost Bank Center concerts and entertainment events only. For Spurs media inquiries and credential requests please reach out to Kris Davis.


Credentials and review tickets are only issued to members of the media working on assignment for recognized media organizations. You must have a confirmed assignment from a publication or media outlet to receive media/photo credentials or review tickets.

The Frost Bank Center defines “media” as journalists, photographers, editors or producers who have a verified editorial assignment to cover the event for a recognized media outlet (print, online, radio, TV) that generates original articles, news stories or reviews about the event.

Media credentials are only issued to newsroom and editorial staff and are not issued to guests or family members who may be attending with journalists or photographers.

How to Submit a Request

  • Please email Liberty Swift to submit a credential or review ticket request
  • Submit your request at least one week and no more than 30 days prior to the event
  • Designate whether you’re requesting a media/photo credential or a media review ticket
  • Include the outlet name, assigning editor/producer’s name and the name of the photographer and/or reporter attending the event

Approval Process and Disclaimers

  • Requests will be submitted to the tour for final approval
  • Media credentials are approved on a case-by-case basis and a request does not guarantee approval
  • If approval is granted, communicate logistics will be sent via email
  • Past approval of credentials to SS&E and Frost Bank Center events does not guarantee future approval
  • Media credentials and photo passes will not be provided for spec photography, freelance writers not on assignment or portfolio photographers